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Casie Shepherd Health Fitness Hormone and Wellness Coaching


Health, Wellness & Fitness Coaching

Founded on the principles of honesty, integrity & empathy for each client.

Hi, I am Casie Shepherd, founder of Spectrum Wellness. I offer a variety of coaching services, including hormone balance, gut health, nutrition, workout programs, consulting, and/or a combination of them all. My main principal of coaching is trying to dig into more of the root cause, not just addressing the symptoms.

We aim to figure out what all the symptoms mean pertaining to your actual lab work and the issues at hand. Digestion and absorption play a crucial role in the body’s ability to have the right nutrients and utilizing those nutrients to run effectively. Without that, the entire system starts to fall apart and lead to more digestive issues, hormone imbalances, weight gain, fatigue, and much, much more.

Regardless of where the issue started, our only goal isn't to just lose the weight, it is to get the body to function well so you CAN lose the weight. We must balance hormones, fix your digestive and absorption issues, and make the necessary lifestyle changes so the body can heal.


Resting After Workout

Who I Work With

I work with a variety of clients remotely. Your main goal must be to first FEEL your best and optimize your health so your body can respond how it should. I work with clients that are ready to commit to not only a plan but also make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve their goals. Weight loss/fat loss, hormone balance, gut health, and just your regular gym goers looking to step up their goals to the next level are who I primarily work with!


What Clients are Saying

Jessica Lynn

"Everyone shares the before and after photos of what their coaches have done for them, but I want to brag about some of the things my coach has done for me that you can't physically see. I went from consuming about 1,100 calories/day (and gaining weight) to 1,700-1,800 calories/day (and losing weight!). When my body starts freaking out - she quickly responds to my emails explaining what's going on & why, what our next steps will be, and a reminder to hang on. She explains the process of healing - the ups & downs, understanding our bodies (hormone changes in our cycles), and the importance of rest & recovery. Casie is more than just a coach. She's someone I can count on physically, mentally, and emotionally. A coach like this is hard to come by!

Thank you for being you Casie!" 

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