Spectrum Wellness
Health Coaching

Spectrum Wellness has a wide variety of services that has the client’s health as the number one priority. It’s important to me that we don’t just patch a hole and get things working temporarily, but that we work from the root of each individual’s body allowing things to run more efficiently and effectively.

Who I Work With

I work with a variety of clients. If your goals are to lose weight, increase metabolism, lose body fat, gain muscle, gain strength, competition prep, hormone balance, or gut healing, I can help you. Whether you are looking to achieve one or several of these things, I personalize your plan specific to your goals. In-person or Online Coaching is available. I have great success with local, national and international clients that I coach. Where you live is not important, your health and wellness is.




  • Colleen Groschen - IPE Pro Card Winner
    "Casie is the ultimate coach, she will custom make a workout program, cardio program, nutrition program based on your specific needs and personal goals. Casie has a watchful eye and will guide you on your journey. She is detail oriented and specific towards your goals. She will work with you if you have dietary restrictions or physical limitations. If you do what she asks of you, you will be successful! Casie is dedicated to her clients. She is professional and kind. I strongly recommend Casie. She is "The Bomb"!  Casie will always be my go-to girl!"
    Colleen Groschen - IPE Pro Card Winner
  • Abby Hout
    "16-week victory cry. 4 inches off my hips, 3 off my waist, 13 lbs down and who knows how much muscle added. Casie has been the best coach possible and I'm thrilled with my results!"
    Abby Hout
  • Becca Hertogs
    "What can I say except WOW! What an amazing experience. I am so proud of the package I brought to stage. I want to say thank you to my coach Casie Shepherd. There wasn't a moment during this prep that I felt I couldn't count on you. Your guidance was irreplaceable, and I felt like I was your only client through the whole 7 months we worked together. I could not have done this without you; you made all of this possible. Thank you so much for your never-ending support and love. It means the world to me. I placed 2nd in novice figure and 2nd in my open class."
    Becca Hertogs