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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

Let's face it, routine is comfortable. We can thrive in routine and structure very much, but at what point does comfort zone hold you back?

For years I thrived on structure and discipline. Amazing for so many reasons and led me to become successful in sports, my body, healing my system, and my business. But when we become too stuck in routine, we close ourselves off from our creativity, inspiration, and seeing the world from another perspective.

Getting out more gives us more gratitude for what we have, it puts us into a new energy, and gives us more perspective that we may not get in our day to day robotic modes. For me, the passing of my brother in law in June of 2018 really gave me a new perspective on life. To witness someone pass away at 30 years old really shows you life is so short and you have to take advantage of opportunities. They interview people on their death beds that wished they would have done more and lived life a lot fuller than they had. The following year I started to travel a lot more, get out more, say yes to more, and really allow myself to have new experiences and see life in a way I used to be scared of living.

Regardless of owning your own business or just managing day to day life, monotony can start to bring your spirit down. I'm sure we have all had those situations where we fight ourselves to follow through on plans we made only to be happy we did afterwards when we knew it was exactly what we needed to shake things up.

Energy is key and we all give that off. How people feel and perceive you is huge but the way you are in tune with yourself even changes as you try different things, change things up, and force yourself into situations you may not always be in.

Little ways to start:

  1. Go a different way to work.

  2. Change up the coffee shop you go to for your daily brew.

  3. Put on a different color or accessory you might not typically wear.

  4. Engage in conversation with someone you normally might not.

  5. Make yourself do something you hesitate to do.

Bigger ways to create change:

  1. Join a meetup.

  2. Ask someone to coffee or lunch to meet new people.

  3. Rearrange your furniture.

  4. Give yourself or your space a makeover.

  5. Move to a new place or new location.

Fear and comfort will hold you back in life. Changing up your energy and routines puts you into a vibration of change and newness. If you want to bring more into your life, you have to get out of your comfort zone!

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