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Client Testimonials

Katie Hall

Casie has been my fitness trainer and coach since 2012. I have also had two kids in that period of time. After having my kids, I gained a substantial amount of weight and went to Casie to help me lose the pounds and also get into shape. I knew how to eat healthy and exercise but sometimes it’s not that cut and dry. My body was not responding no matter what I did. Through Casie’s approach to hormone balancing, what my body specifically needed nutritionally and the style of workouts I needed to be doing for my body type, she got me to where I wanted to be in the most efficient way possible. Through her nutrition protocol and designed workouts, I watched my body change in a way I’ve never seen. I look and feel better than I ever have.

Rachael Main

I wish I could say I wasn't embarrassed to post this, but I am. It's not #transformationtuesday but I wanted to share my before and after pictures as of this weekend. On the left I was 166 (heaviest I had ever been), drinking, partying, stressed out from balancing work, school the military and the weight of feeling genuinely unsuccessful and unaccomplished with where I was in life. I started there in April with Casie with a goal of doing a show in the fall. I don't do well without setting goals, and I've done bikini competitions before so it seemed like a great way to get part of my life in check. We started a "pre-diet" 2 months before I had to leave for a 3-week XCTC in the field with the National Guard and in that time, Casie helped me make a huge decision to get off hormonal birth control and choose a nonhormonal IUD in order to get my hormones balanced. I honestly didn't believe her until I went and got blood work done at her insistence, but low and behold, my testosterone levels were non-existent (which my doctor even was confused about) and everything else was wacko. It was tough, I had a lot of issues for the first few months and honestly, it did negatively impact my progress by hindering the intensity and lengths of my workouts, but looking back now, it was worth it and it solved the biggest roadblock I had. Things started to fall into place after that; a new job in a new career path, less military duty, financial stability and the stress started to alleviate. Casie and I started a 14-week prep when I got back and the picture on the right is where I ended up this weekend; a happy body hovering right around 140lbs, the lightest I have ever been! Sure, sometimes it sucked, but wasn't that hard. Casie made the whole experience so positive with her knowledge and support. As a coach, she always answered my questions and responded to my concerns. I think the only time it took her a while to respond was when I would text her at 5 am (sorry about that...not). I am dedicated to CORRECTLY reversing my body and maintaining this sassy little body with the knowledge and skills Casie shared with me, it was 100!

Justine France

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this woman. Trainers in my experience are either insensitive and prescribe diets and workouts that are one size fits all. Or they are enablers and let you make excuses 7 ways from Sunday and never push you enough to make progress. Casie has found a perfect balance between those two things with me. It has been a long journey of juggling stress, basketball, school and my own excuses. Nevertheless, she found a way to listen well, encourage, and sprinkle some tough love in when needed.

Casie did a stellar job of teaching me balance, perspective and the ability to not lose sight of the work takes to reach my goal in the process. She is incredibly educated and worked well with my food allergies and hormonal balance.

I had the opportunity to play college basketball with this incredible woman in college and am blessed to be working with her again in this capacity. I'm excited to continue to work with her toward new goals. I'm most thankful for the sustainable changes both mentally and physically she has helped me achieve.

Thank you Casie you are invaluable to me. I love you!

Aman Sachdeva

Hi my name is Aman and I endorse Casie as a great coach and trainer to have by your side. Whether you are looking to get in shape, build muscle or to actually push yourself to compete on stage. I started working with Casie in October of 2016. My goals that time were to get body fat down and look great for my upcoming trip. Followed a strict diet for 2 months and lost almost 15 lbs while lean gaining muscle mass. Metabolism was in such a high gear that even with 15 days of vacationing and eating whatever I wanted I only gained a couple pounds which I lost within a week of getting back on my schedule. 2017 came soon and around April I decided to up my game a little and threw the idea of me doing a show in 2017. Casie was very supportive of the idea but suggested to wait as my body was not ready to get on stage and she suggested the natural show in October of 2017. It seemed too far at that time but I agreed. Then started a whole new chapter in my transformation. I not only was doing the diet with her but also included her workout schedule. Things started shaping up and strength and energy levels were up.

I did almost 6.5 months of her written workout and I was where I wanted to be in my fitness world which I had only imagined in my thoughts. We worked really hard the last month before the stage show. Casie showed her full commitment towards my goals as they were one of her own. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better than her and her passion towards her work is outstanding and professional. Hands down I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to take charge of their life and do something for themselves. It could be as simple as losing weight, getting leaner or getting on the stage.

I did get on the stage on October 28 in 2017 under the watchful Eyes of Casie and I did fairly well. Placed second in my category in my first ever show. It was a huge accomplishment for me. I strive to move forward to up my goals in the coming year and I would not chose anyone else, Casie is and will always be my go to coach and trainer.

Jenny S

"Working with Casie helped me to get my body back to normal after doing 2 competitions 3 weeks apart. I was very depleted and my entire body felt off. Doing labs and seeing where my body was lacking made a huge difference. I felt like this was the ultimate game changer for my body. Casie was able to help me get my body back to a healthy state and my calories up (way up actually which my body loved), which in turn helped me to become mentally and emotionally happy as well. I look forward to working with her again in the future. I trust Casie and I know she has my best interest at heart".

Alissa Hanson Client since 2020

"I came to Casie post completion in 2019. I was out of balance and having hormone and gut issues. I would get heartburn from everything! At first it was hard to cut workouts back, but Casie explained the importance of the plan and how all the pieces work together. That is Body, Mind, and Soul (nutrition, exercise, sleep, work-life and stress balance and management)!

Casie came recommended to me because she has been in similar shoes with gut and hormone imbalances. She understands the female body and how things work with women as they age. Her insights and guidance have been valuable in the journey! I am learning so much about my body and what makes me tick! We are each different and what works for one person, may not work for another.

Thank you to Casie for her continued insights and guidance as I continue my journey. We will reach those goals!!"

Becca Hertogs

"What can I say except WOW! What an amazing experience. I am so proud of the package I brought to stage. I want to say thank you to my coach Casie Shepherd. There wasn't a moment during this prep that I felt I couldn't count on you. Your guidance was irreplaceable, and I felt like I was your only client through the whole 7 months we worked together. I could not have done this without you; you made all of this possible. Thank you so much for your never-ending support and love. It means the world to me. I placed 2nd in novice figure and 2nd in my open class."

Casie Shepherd was my coach from October 1st, 2017-April 20th, 2018. Over those six months, there wasn’t a moment when I felt I couldn’t confide in her. She put my overall wellness above all else during my entire prep; she prepared me for my first bodybuilding show in the healthiest way possible. She was always checking in with me and providing me with the feedback I needed to keep moving forward. My meal plans and workout programs were organized, easy to follow, and extremely effective.

Casie was always positive and willing to listen to my concerns and put my mind at ease. If Casie had not been my coach, I feel as though I would not have been as successful as I was. She is incredibly good at what she does and I can’t see how anyone could provide more assistance than she does. Casie has many clients, but I felt like I was the only one throughout the time we worked together. She is truly a wonderful person and puts her heart and soul into her career. I am looking forward to preparing for another show with Casie!

Abby Hout

"16-week victory cry. 4 inches off my hips, 3 off my waist, 13 lbs down and who knows how much muscle added. Casie has been the best coach possible and I'm thrilled with my results!"

Colleen Groschen - IPE Pro Card Winner

"Casie is the ultimate coach, she will custom make a workout program, cardio program, nutrition program based on your specific needs and personal goals. Casie has a watchful eye and will guide you on your journey. She is detail oriented and specific towards your goals. She will work with you if you have dietary restrictions or physical limitations. If you do what she asks of you, you will be successful! Casie is dedicated to her clients. She is professional and kind. I strongly recommend Casie. She is "The Bomb"! Casie will always be my go-to girl!"


“I feel like I am finally getting someone to listen to me. I want to thank you for that. I have been telling Dr's for years that something isn't right. They tried thyroid medication years ago when I was in my late 20s for a short while and then they said my labs were normal. My symptoms never improved and I just continued to put the weight on. I knew my hormones were off and kept going to the Dr and specialist, only to be told my labs are normal. I can't tell how many times I was told that and it was so extremely frustrating. I'm angry that no one listened or did the labs that you have done. Recently I was told that I have inflammation and that my antibodies were high by my dr . But they did nothing really to find out why. I went to an endocrinologist and they did labs, even had me collect urine for 24 hours to check my cortisol levels. Everything always came back "normal" I finally slept through the night 2 nights in a row. This morning I woke up at 730am and felt actually rested with no headache. I can't remember the last time I felt like that. Thank you.

Seriously. I am a little bit emotional today but I can't wait for what is to come. I am feeling like myself more and more every day.”


"I had troubles getting my period for 5 years. The doctors told me that it was because I was too active. They wanted to put me on birth control, yet I knew that wasn’t going to fix anything. It was just going to put a Band-Aid on it. After seeing tons of doctors and nutritionist along with tons of tests, I finally reached out to Casie and she has turned my life around. She is an absolute amazing coach! She truly helps you figure out the problem. After not having my period for five years. I finally got my period back within seven months of working with her and I STILL get it to this day! I am so glad I took that step and reached out to her. Thank you Casie for all you have done!"

AB Rodriguez

"Hey everyone! I wanted to share my experiences with Coach Casie. I have tried EVERYTHING you can think of to tackle fat! Diet pills, gym trainers, teas, commercial products, and nothing worked! I have trained with Casie on and off from 2015 to recently in 2019 prepping for my wedding. The amount of results in 16 weeks blew my mind! The amount of expertise, knowledge, and dedication from Coach Casie has been an experience of my life. She preps, adapts, and modifies as needed based on YOUR body. I have had amazing results working with her and the thing I admire the most from Coach Casie is how she makes herself available to her clients. If you put in the work and follow your plan you will see the results. Trust the process. Thank you Coach Casie for all that you’ve done and will continue to do. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for the better. "

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