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Health, Wellness & Fitness Coaching

Founded on the principles of honesty, integrity & empathy for each client.



Email Check-Ins

Detailed check-ins need to be sent to me once a week. I will specify when I need these check ins when I send out your initial plan. This allows us to know exactly what your body is doing and how you are responding.

Monthly Check-In

15-20 minute check-in calls are an option for clients who chose Wellness and/or hormone coaching. Details get tricky when working on a deeper level so sometimes a call is an easy way to dive in deeper and ask more questions with dialogue and just get some reassurance on the process.

Nutrition Plan

Based on your intake form, an individualized meal plan will be sent to you with a exact sources, amounts, and set meals. This is not a macro plan. Only in certain cases do I work with macros as sources and timing of meals is very important. 

Weight Lifting Plan

A detailed lifting program catered to you specifically. We decide on a plan between 3-5 days of lifting based on where you are currently at and your goals. We take into account changes in your physique we want to make, as well as your lifestyle and stress load.

Cardio Structure

This includes the kind of cardio you are doing, the amount (duration), how many sessions you are doing per week, tempo, where your heart rate should be, which machines you can use for your cardio, and how to perform.

Supplement Guidance

Supplements can be a key part of getting you to your goals. In order for your metabolism to work properly, it’s important to have the right nutrients, your gut in a certain place, digestion working properly, and recovering well. Recommendations are based on your intake form and if you do a hormone package, the lab work we get back for you.

Lab Assessments

Seeing a full report of health and hormone markers allows me to get a deeper picture into your body and how it’s functioning. For clients that come to me specifically for hormone/gut function coaching, this is one of the most important aspects. Looking at all the labs together and deciphering is half the battle in being able to do the right protocols to get your body to respond. This is where most doctors are missing the mark.


* Labs are $299 and are paid to the lab the day of the blood draw if you are in MN. If outside of MN, you will have a kit shipped to you and will pay the clinic after results are in in order to have them released to you. If you would like to get your labs done at your doctor or somewhere else, I will send you a list but you must know you can get them all run and be able to send them to me in a document when you get them back.

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