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Scheduling labs- After your payment is sent, you will be sent a link to an intake form you will need to fill out for me as well as how to schedule at the clinic. If you are a female, we will schedule your labs based on your cycle. If you are post menopause or pre menopause, have irregular cycles, or on birth control, please specify ahead of time so we can plan on how/when to do labs.

Men, we will schedule labs at the soonest available date. Labs take about 1 week to come back. Labs are $199 if you have insurance and $299 if you do not, and $275 if you are out of state to get a kit and go to a local lab near you (you may pay a small phlebotomy charge for the blood draw).


If you would like to get your labs done at your doctor or somewhere else, I will send you a list but you must know you can get them all run and be able to send them to me in a document when you get them back. Payment for the labs is due directly to the lab the day of the blood draw.


*If paying by credit card a 3.5% fee will apply at checkout.

Hormone Consultation

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