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Nutrition + Hormone Package

Nutrition + Hormone 

Online coaching package that includes a structured nutrition menu plan, cardio plan, supplement recommendations, stress management, lifestyle changes, hormone assessment + weekly check-ins.

What You'll Get

This plan focuses on the your gut, hormone, and metabolic health. This plan has it all with the exception of the lifting plan. With a lifting plan not included, only a basic outline of how much you need to be lifting in the gym is suggested. Not knowing the intensity, volume, and overall structure of your workouts isn’t always ideal when working on healing the body and making changes with the body, but being able to address all of the internal things like hormone balance, gut health, and metabolism through your nutrition, lab work, and supplements are still key in healing and getting to a goal.


This is a goal oriented plan that focuses on your internal health first so that the external can follow. Although the external is many times the ultimate goal, the internal health and balance must start to come into alignment for that to happen.

What Clients are Saying

Jessica Lynn

"Everyone shares the before and after photos of what their coaches have done for them, but I want to brag about some of the things my coach has done for me that you can't physically see. I went from consuming about 1,100 calories/day (and gaining weight) to 1,700-1,800 calories/day (and losing weight!). When my body starts freaking out - she quickly responds to my emails explaining what's going on & why, what our next steps will be, and a reminder to hang on.


She explains the process of healing - the ups & downs, understanding our bodies (hormone changes in our cycles), and the importance of rest & recovery. Casie is more than just a coach. She's someone I can count on physically, mentally, and emotionally. A coach like this is hard to come by! Thank you for being you Casie!" 

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