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Electrolytes Are Crucial

Electrolytes are crucial in so many functions of the body and most are not aware! Drinking water and being hydrated are two totally and completely different things. You can drink water all day long but if you don't have proper electrolytes, your body will not properly hydrate.

Electrolytes for hydration. Calcium, magnesium, sodium,

What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are minerals that have an electric charge when they are dissolved in water or body fluids like blood, sweat, and urine. They help your system maintain balance of fluids, regulate chemical reactions, and balance fluid inside and outside the cell. The 7 significant electrolytes are:

Let's go over different functions electrolytes serve in your body. There are many more than these below, but here are 4 of the main functions they serve.

  1. Digestion- Electrolytes play a very important role in stomach acid production. In a world where we have been taught to be on low salt diets, sodium is often lowered and even taken out by people who think their blood pressure is caused by sodium. In reality, sodium helps in adrenal function, stomach acid production, and every cell in the body. Sodium helps pull nutrients into the cell...all of which aid the body in digesting properly.

  2. Stress relief- Sodium is used in adrenal function. The more stress we have, the more salt we need in our bodies. Our body needs sodium along with other properly balanced electrolytes in order to stay in balance and keep the body functioning as it should. Stress and cortisol cause issues in blood sugar imbalance and cause our bodies to shed more water than normal leading to dehydration. We already have a lot of stress in our lives, if we deplete salt on top of that it leads to further cortisol and adrenaline production which further lowers stomach acid production and causing more digestive distress. Yet another reason we lose our appetite when stress is super high!

  3. Hormone production- Electrolytes are used to hydrate the body and every cell of the body. They function to pull water inside and around the cell. Every organ and part of our being is made up of these cells. In order for us to detox toxins correctly and have the organs working as they should, the cells themselves need to be functioning properly. Without proper electrolyte balance, our organs start to go wonky and hormones are severely impacted. Thyroid for instance is hugely impacted by minerals and electrolytes/hydration. Stress is induced without proper hydration and the thyroid is directly impacted. You can see how lack of hydration and long term stress start to impact the hormones of the body.

  4. Nerve function- Because electrolytes hold negative and positive ions, the are important in maintaining the cells electrical charges that act in how our nerves and muscles function. We have all heard about severe muscle cramps in dehydrated individuals and "eating a banana" (high in potassium), but this is exactly. The more stress and fluid lost, the more one needs to re-hydrate with not only water, but the important electrolytes that serve to keep the muscles and nerves functioning as they should. Get an eye twitch under high stress? This is typically loss of electrolytes and Magnesium in the body. Magnesium is one of the most abundantly used minerals/electrolytes in the body that is more quickly depleted than any other mineral.

It's hard to know EXACTLY how much you should have in a day because everyone process them differently and everyone needs different amounts based on where their system is at. But typically I recommend most people to be safe to have at least one serving a day, and increase the amount from there depending on the heat outside/ how much you are outside, higher exertion (typically 1 serving for each hour of exercise), alcohol intake, and how much water you are taking in.

I love this formula Hydrate by Nutridyn because of the blend it has. With additional B vitamins for energy, this formula also has a higher amount of magnesium which I love. The majority of the population needs a higher amount of magnesium and as a country we have more stress in our lives then we ever have before. Magnesium tends to deplete at an even higher rate because of that. This is something you could have mid afternoon or sip on a serving in the afternoon. With 4 different flavors to choose from, you will find one that you love. I tend to keep two different flavors on hand so I can switch between the two. You can order some sample packets to try out flavors or just keep a few packets for on the go convenience!


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