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Top Supplements For Overall Health

Top supplements for health. Fish oil. Multi vitamin

There are some top supplements for overall health whether you have taken supplements before or not. I'm not saying you won't be healthy without these basics, but they are a great starting point for people looking to find something to add to their day to day regimens and become a healthier person.

At the point you have been off of your healthy routines for a while, or you feel like you just aren't at your optimal function, we don't live in a day and age where our bodies are absorbing and digesting things the same anymore. We have more synthetic hormones in our water systems than ever before, more bacteria in our guts from our stressful lives, and less overall nutrients in our foods than ever before because of the quality of our soil. We aren't looking for perfection in any way, we are just looking for ASSISTANCE! Supplements are there to assist and SUPPLEMENT what we may not be getting from our day to day.

Working with thousands of clients and testing supplements over and over again...what works, what absorbs (we know half the issue in supplements is the binders and what is ACTUALLY being used in the body), and what actually makes a difference is hard to know. Quality is so much better than quantity for anything!

Here are my top 5 recommendations for supplements and why:

  1. High quality probiotic- a probiotic is the foundation of your entire system. "The gut is the second brain" I'm sure you have heard. It's true! This is because our gut uses the same cells and chemicals that the brain uses to help us digest and alert the brain when something isn't right. This is why many people who have gut issues also have issues with mood, anxiety, and depression. A probiotic may not cure all of your gut issues, but we sure aren't getting enough of the healthy bacteria we need to gobble up the bad stuff and keep it balanced! This can lead to more severe issues like estrogen dominance, leaky gut, and other hormonal imbalances. There are a few different probiotics I like but in general, all probitics are not the same. Different strains target different areas of the intestinal tract/wall. I really like this one called Ultrabiotic's a great starter probiotic and has some great strains. It's really not the same as some of the other blends you see out there. It's got some special strains that help target candida in the gut. The Ultrabiotic Daily Multi-Strain is a stronger formula I like to recommend most of the time as it's got a more potent amount in some of the strains that I find to be most helpful for candida and other gut issues. Ultrabiotic Saccharomyces boulardii is a specific strain of yeast that I find amazingly beneficial in treating gut bacteria and issues like candida and SIBO. If you are already on a basic probiotic or like the one you are on and want to step it up, you can add this one in. Both the Ultrabiotic Daily Multi-Strain and the Ultrabiotic Complete have the Saccharomyces boulardii strain in it but in varying amounts.

  2. Multi Vitamin- a high quality multi vitamin is a game changer in health. We in no way get all of the nutrients and minerals we need on a daily basis from our food. Especially these days with the quality of soil and the digestive issues we all have. Minerals and vitamins all work collaboratively in the body. Taking only a few on their own without others to support them can further deplete other key nutrients. Having the correct ratios of minerals and vitamins is key for the body to function as it should. Hormone production is so key in the body functioning as it should, but without proper minerals and vitamins to support it, hormone imbalances can easily spiral. Our organs also rely on these key ingredients to detoxify, support oxidative stress, keep immune system high, and support our mood and wellbeing. The Essential Multi is extremely comprehensive and can be taken by both men and women. With a capsule the supplement breaks down very easily. I've used this multi for many years with myself and my clients with so much success! I see it in all of the lab reports!

  3. Whey Protein- By no means is this something you HAVE to have if you are spot on with your protein amounts. A high quality whey protein is an amazing addition for people who are on the go a lot or don't want to cook as often. It's a "supplement" to get in what you are lacking in your meals. We want to be eating higher protein every single day and majority of people aren't getting in enough. Having proper amounts of protein keeps us more full, balances blood sugar, keeps cravings lower, and also keeps the rest of our macros balanced. Having a quality whey that you can throw into smoothies, yogurt, protein pancake or bar recipes, or just into water is really beneficial. I may not do mine every day but always have it on hand for quick meals if I need to or rushing off to an appointment. I like this whey because it comes from grass fed cows, with no dairy it's easily digestible, there are no artificial sweeteners, and extremely low carb with 25g of protein per serving.

  4. Fruits & Greens powder -Fruits & greens helps assist the body in detoxification, supports immune system, helps alkalize the body, contains extra enzymes, probiotics, fiber, and super is truly an amazing supplement! With 11 different delicious flavors, you are bound to find one you like. You can get the sample packets for on the go or to try more flavors before you decide on one. Over 50 superfoods and around 20 servings of daily recommended fruits/vegetables, this is in my opinion one of the best on the market. With less than 3g of sugar a day, this makes for an easy addition to anyone out there in their health regimens. Depending on the flavor, I'll add this to my morning OJ, or an afternoon smoothie with my favorite grass fed whey protein as a meal replacement.

  5. Fish Oil- Specifically omega 3's are so important in our bodies. Omega 3's can be

Fish oil. cardiovascular health. Inflammation. Fat loss

getting enough in. Our cardiovascular system needs omega 3's but as does our immune system. Controlling inflammation is huge and omega 3's do an amazing job at keeping inflammation low. Chronic inflammation in the body and arteries can cause so many issues but also lead to autoimmune conditions from the stress and overall inflammation over time. There are different potencies available but I prefer to go a little stronger. If you are someone with a LOT of inflammation you can take more, but typically 2 a day at a stronger dose is plenty for maintenance. My most recommended formula is this Omega Pure 720 blend at 2/day. If you want to go a step above you can get the Omega Pure 1000 which is just going to be a more potent blend of omega 3's. If you are bad at capsules (fish oil can be bigger), you can take this ultra potent Omega Pure 2400 formula in a liquid lemon flavor (it's actually not bad at all) and only do 1tsp a day.

These are my top supplements for overall health. I'm really out here just trying to educate people on quality of supplements and not quantity. Having a health assessment is truly the best way to figure out what is best for YOUR body. Most of these supplements can be added in for the majority of people, but sure to check with your doctor on any conditions you may have that could interfere with some of these supplements. The more educated you are on WHY you are taking certain things, the more consistent you can be!

Check out more of my blog posts here...and check out more of my interviews and articles here for more education!


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