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Supplements For Estrogen Dominance In Men And Women

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Estrogen dominance is an issue in men and women alike. Technically it's not called estrogen dominance in men but you will read about that below. There are a number of reasons why estrogen dominance occurs but there are many supplements for estrogen dominance in both men and women that can be extremely helpful!

Estrogen dominance is a condition in which estrogen is too high in relation to progesterone. Just because estrogen is "normal" in your lab work doesn't mean you aren't estrogen dominant. Many won't even get their labs done in the first place to assess the serum levels to even know. Estrogen is hard to measure because there are three kids of estrogen in our systems. E2 (Estradiol) level and is made in the ovaries and testes by aromatization (conversion) of testosterone. Some E2 is also made in our adrenal glands and fat cells. E1 (Estrone) is made in smaller amounts in the adrenal glands and a few other tissues and is used as the main estrogen post menopause. E3 (Estriol) is really our pregnancy estrogen.

Both men and women have Estradiol (E2) BUT here is the confusing part, you can also get a total estrogen run in your labs that measures all three. Someone who has a normal E2 could have a high total estrogen and vice versa. Men cannot be considered "estrogen dominant" because they have extremely low progesterone (which is how it's supposed to be), but men CAN have elevated total estrogen and estradiol levels. Even MORE confusing then that is that not all estrogen is going to show up in a blood sample.

Man or women, elevated estrogen can wreak havoc on your system in a number of ways.

  1. Allergies

  2. Mood disorders

  3. Anxiety

  4. Depression

  5. Gut imbalances

  6. Swelling

  7. Fat gain/inability to lose weight

  8. Low libido

So what causes estrogen dominance?

You will probably never pinpoint exactly what causes estrogen dominance but there are many things that will contribute to it.

Candida, hormonal imbalances, estrogen dominance
  1. Candida and yeast overgrowth in the gut-candida and yeast mimic estrogen in the body. Regardless of the levels tested in blood, many of the bodies symptoms will mimic estrogen and react based on the yeast and bacteria in the body. This can make it hard to treat and FEELING so much going on but not knowing what it is. One of those things where you could go in and have a doctor tell you everything looks normal when you very well feel and know it isn't!

  2. Stress- Being that estrogen is and can be made in the adrenals, an overactive adrenal glad pumping out adrenaline and cortisol can disrupt the kind and amount of estrogen produced in the body and how it starts to react.

  3. Liver congestion- Your liver isn't getting the proper nutrients and nutrition to function properly. Liver is a powerhouse for hormones....having a sluggish liver will make it very hard for your system to process and detox estrogen.

  4. Birth control- Although birth control shuts off your pituitary axis to your ovaries, you are consuming a synthetic form of estrogen that is being stored in your cells and the body. Birth control has a synthetic form of progesterone called progestin that does not oppose estrogen the same as naturally produced progesterone from the body or natural progesterone supplementation. So when you take this synthetic estrogen without any natural progesterone to oppose it, estrogen becomes a major problem.

  5. Improper nutrients/poor diet- Our bodies need the right minerals and nutrients to thrive and function properly. Detoxification pathways, organ function, gut health, and overall cellular health are all affected when our bodies don't have what it needs. This gives estrogen a higher chance to store in the body and take over when it can't be cleared. Poor diet, imbalanced blood sugar, and processed foods can all lead to imbalanced hormones as well as bad absorption.

  6. Thyroid issues-Thyroid is the powerhouse gland and rules our entire system. Hypothyroid and hashimotos slow down our gut motility which make it difficult for our bodies to quickly flush and get rid of estrogen that isn't supposed to stay long. Thyroid function will show up with a sluggish liver as well where much of the thyroid hormone is converted into the active form of t3 that regulates our entire metabolism. A slow and sluggish thyroid will create huge issues with estrogen dominance, heavy bleeding, and low levels of testosterone in men for this reason.

Some of my favorite and recommended supplements for estrogen dominance:

First and foremost I always recommend getting a hormone and health consultation to actually assess the full picture. Taking a few supplements can be super helpful but the more you understand about your underlying imbalances, the better you can treat your system as a whole. Not treating your entire system can lead to a longer healing and balancing process and may not lead to the best results. I work with clients all over to balance their systems in a more individual way. Supplements for estrogen dominance in men and women can differ drastically from person to person so it's always best to dive deeper in a consult.

Taking a probiotic with the correct strains. Unless you are going to do deeper testing, you'll never know exactly the state of your microbiome and which strains you have an abundance of and what ones are lacking. Even then it becomes difficult to nail the correct balance. But there are strains of probiotics that target different areas of the gut and can be very beneficial to keep the intestinal walls clean allowing for less overgrowth and a more controlled gut flora. My favorite probiotic I recommend is this daily multi strain.

A highly bioavailable multi vitamin or multi mineral. Depending on your systems absorption and hormonal status, a multi vitamin or mineral can help estrogen dominance tremendously. Our cells and every organ of our body need specific minerals and nutrients in order to function and detox correctly. The correct balance of minerals and vitamins are necessary for every function and taking one vitamin or mineral alone without having other proper minerals and vitamins to balance them can be detrimental and further cause more issues. Thyroid for instance is key in detoxing estrogen and is a powerhouse gland for our bodies hormone production, metabolism, and our gut. The thyroid needs an array of properly balanced minerals like iodine, selenium, magnesium, zinc, and copper. You can see why imbalances can so easily get out of wack and taking zinc alone for instance without copper can further deplete copper causing even more thyroid and gut issues.

castor oil liver packs, balance hormones naturally

Castor oil packs. Castor oil is one of the oldest and most widespread healing rituals in the world! Chinese medicine, ayurveda and the naturopathic medicine community all area well

aware of the benefits of castor oil liver packs and highly recommend the use of them. Much like the thyroid as a powerhouse gland, the liver is a powerhouse organ filtering everything in the body. Castor oil put over the liver in a specific way and worn for periods of time can help with hormonal imbalances, PCOS, constipation, depression, anxiety, period regulation, reducing excess estrogen, lowering inflammation, thyroid disorders, joint pain, cancer, uterine fibroids, and the list goes on! Check out more about the benefits of castor oil liver pack HERE.

For more information and education on hormone health, check out some of the podcasts and interviews I've done HERE. If you need any individual guidance, I work with clients all over the country. You can shoot me a message HERE!


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