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Fruits and Greens

The best tasting fruits and greens
We have all heard about "Fruits and greens" before, but it can be hard to choose which ones to take and even stick with taking them long term not knowing what they are doing for you. So why take them?

Fruits and greens in general are not all created equal, so first of all it truly depends on which ones you decide to invest in. Fruits and greens to me may not ALWAYS be something you notice a difference in daily. They are just one of the other staples you have in your day to day routine that benefit you on a deeper level. Nutridyn Fruits and Greens will benefit your digestive system, immune system, energy levels, antioxidants fighting cellular health and free radicals, and keep your guts in check. Not to mention they have 11 different flavors to choose from.

What are some of the negatives of some of the other fruits and greens?

  1. They taste horrible!!! We know greens aren't the best plain and in some water. Having an aversion to some terrible tasting supplement doesn't make it easy to take them. One of the biggest indicators of success is being consistent. Not liking the way a supplement you have to drink tastes means less consistency and overall less benefit.

  2. They have a bunch of fillers in them. Look at the ingredients on any label and many of the other fruits and greens supplements have added sugars, fillers, and unnatural additives. This can cause more digestive upset but also, adverse reactions and just a waste of money.

  3. The way they are processed. Fruits and greens from Nutridyn are freeze dried. This means the ingredients will hold their nutrients so much better than other brands and companies. Many are processed with heat and this kills many of the benefits of the supplement before it even reaches the shelf.

  4. Not enough benefits. Many brands will just have some greens or maybe a couple fruits if that mixed in. You are getting some benefits from them...maybe if it's quality. But with fruits and greens from Nutridyn you are going to get the digestive enzymes for your digestion, probiotics to help keep the gut flora in check and clean intestinal walls, and many other nutrients that help keep your immune system strong and fight to detox your body on a cellular level. Not many can claim that.

  5. Inflammatory and gluten. Many of these brands now have a lot of inflammatory greens and grains. Not everyone is gluten free, but many are gluten sensitive. Having an every day supplement that even adds a little inflammation puts additional stress on the body. We have enough already okay!?!? Nobody needs to be adding even more and feeling additional retention when trying to get healthy.

Why do I promote Nutridyn Fruits and Greens?

Touching on the above points, this fruits and greens is one that is a POWER HOUSE! It tastes good with 11 different flavors to choose from (feel free to order their single serving packets to test out before you purchase an entire jug or for travel), it's gluten free, freeze dried for better absorption/nutrients, there are multiple benefits to the formula, and it comes from an extremely reputable company. Having taken Nutridyn Fruits and Greens for over 14 years, I am a huge advocate for them and happy to suggest them to any friends, family, and clients of mine.

Over 50 superfoods and around 20 servings of daily recommended fruits/vegetables, this is in my opinion one of the best on the market.

Less than 3g of sugar a day, this makes for an easy addition to anyone out there in their health regimens. Depending on the flavor, I'll add this to my morning OJ, or an afternoon smoothie with my favorite grass fed whey protein as a meal replacement.

Why would I recommend this to majority of people?

As I mentioned above, majority of people aren't getting in even the minimum amount of their daily recommended amounts of fruits and greens. But aside from that, our bodies have evolved into humans that have a hard time absorbing and breaking down nutrients properly. (see my article on digestion and bloat). That being said, we are missing out on so many things that can assist us in detoxification, organ and bodily functions, digestion, hormone balance, the list goes on. Every single function of our bodies requires nutrients and clean cells to function well. Why not give it something every day that can assist in all of those functions?

You can order yours here. If you are unsure of which direction of your health journey to go, feel free to contact me here and I can give you options to take a deeper dive into your system and assist you in your journey to healing.



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